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Mintson Code provides essential programming knowledge completely free of charge. To sustain our operations, we rely on advertising and your support. Below is a summary of our support website.

YouTube Membership

We have opened a membership program on our YouTube channel.

主な配信場所はここでやってます。 ▼▼ 詳しくは にまとめてあります ______________ 【チャンネル成長記録】 2020/05/09 動画を初投稿 2020/06/21 チャンネル登録者数100人突破 2020/12/05 総再...

There is a possibility that certain parts of Mintson Code’s article explanation videos might be exclusive to members in the future.

Currently, our content includes streaming archives and a few members-only videos.


Note contains summaries of books, capturing the essence of the content.

It also includes my impressions after reading the books, detailing specific actions I took. This serves as a helpful guide for finding books to read.

It provides insights into whether my feelings and experiences align with those of the reader, making it an interesting read.


There might also be diary entries and other valuable content. If you’re interested, consider subscribing to explore and enjoy these offerings.



I report the progress of my creative activities.

I also upload line drawings and PSD data of illustrations for membership subscribers.


If you simply want to support without access to exclusive articles or members-only content, Doneru is the recommended option for you. However, our support site offers access to limited articles and exclusive member content.

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We would be happy if you could support us to the extent that it is reasonable.

You can write a comment, so if you include the content of the lecture you would like us to open, we will include it in the schedule of lectures.