No man’s goods are now available at suzuri.

No man suzuri online shop Announcements

What is No man?

The reason No man was created was when I decided to write an stamp for the line.

FPSゲーマー用のLINEスタンプです。 - LINE スタンプ | LINE STORE

One of my favorite illustrations is this one of them holding a signboard.

No man Tshirts

I named it No man because the letters in the sign were No.

It is a simple design and the whole thing is just cute, like the hand holding the sign.

What is the sales site suzuri?

GMO Pepabo Inc. of the GMO Internet Group operates suzuri, a service that handles the manufacturing, delivery, and website management of illustrations created by creators and sold as merchandise.

With conventional merchandise sales, there is the risk of holding inventory, negotiating directly with the factory that manufactures the goods, creating an e-commerce site, and figuring out how to handle payment.

Of course, you can cut costs by doing everything from scratch yourself rather than selling on suzuri, but the alternative is a huge amount of tasks.

EC支援 | GMOペパボ株式会社

I decided to sell my goods at suzuri because it saves me the trouble.

The first No man goods are now on sale.

As a first step, we have started selling No man hoodies, T-shirts, and various other items.

*Please purchase if you are interested.