【Programming】How to publish a website created with HTML on GitHub.

Publish your HTML files on GitHub! HTML

How do I publish website?

There are three general steps to publishing a website.

1.Obtain a domain name

2.Prepare a server

3.Upload the website files to the server.

This website used the Conoha rental server operated by GMO.

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The monthly maintenance fee is about 1,000 yen, which is expensive if you just want to publish HTML on the web.

A112280090 HK(1)
実践大学 情報技術と経営学部のコンピュータの基礎とウェブデザイン(1学期)の宿題の成果。

※Example of a self-written HTML file uploaded to a rental server

So, I would like to teach you how to publish a free website on GitHub.

How to publish on GitHub

First, create a repository on GitHub.

Next, upload the index.html file you wrote in the repository.

The item for publishing the code is listed under Settings→Pages.

The URL behind “Your site is live at” is the destination where it is published.

*If you do not see it, the “Branch” field may be set to “None”.

GitHub - mintson0517/Upload_a_local_file_to_GitHub: Upload a local file to GitHub(ウェブサイト上でファイルをアップしないでgitを使用してターミナルでファイルをアップ)
Upload a local file to GitHub(ウェブサイト上でファイルをアップしないでgitを使用してターミナルでファイルをアップ) - GitHub - mintson0517/Upload_a_local_file_to_...

Here is the link to the repository described in the article

※ https://mintson0517.github.io/Upload_a_local_file_to_GitHub/


VPS is recommended for those who want to publish and test on the web while learning programming in the future.

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Although there are many programming languages and frameworks that can be used, we recommend that beginners first try publishing on GitHub to test and develop their code skills.